Draft About Us

Untitled Artisan is a family-run company fueled by love!  Inspired by our love and passion for the interesting.  We strive to spread the joy, calm, and peace of mind to everyone.

We're proud to bring you products that inspire you to create, move you with their aesthetics, improve your daily life, and make you feel fantastic.  We strive to bring you the best quality, interesting, products from around the world to delight,  comfort, calm, and inspire you!


Alaina and I are proud to present you with a glimpse into how Untitled Artisan came to be.  Together we built the business from the ground up and continue to run it together.  She's the driving passion behind the hours of long work and drive to build a better life for us.  Without her, our site wouldn't exist.  She doesn't provide much on the technical side of things, but she provides her father with an unwavering drive to succeed.  That to me is priceless, for those with a "why" can bare almost any "how".  If you're interested in our history, our mission, and dreams, then take a look at our candid story below.