Customize Your Own - 5D Diamond Painting

Welcome to the 5D Custom Painting Page!


💎*Note* Due to the attention to detail required for this service, we currently only accept 20 custom print orders monthly.  (14 orders still available in May)

Have you ever had a dream for a 5D painting that you would absolutely love to create?

💎 We can help make it a reality!


Do you have a favourite photo?  Painting?  Another piece of art that you would like to see in all of it's shimmering, sparkling glory?  Your imagination is the only limitation here because..

💎 We have you covered!


It's simple.  Let us walk you through it.

1. Prepare a clear photo that you want to customize.  It can be up to 5MB in file size and while it doesn't have to be crisp clear, it helps improve the quality of the finished painting.

2. Choose a suitable size according to the aspect ratio of your photo.  As with all 5D paintings, the larger the size, the higher the level of detail.

3. Place your order HERE.



4. Send the photo to us in the message.