About Us

We're proud to bring you the best 5D paintings on the market. 

Founded by Jon (Mike) Adkins and his daughter Alaina on a bootstrapped budget and a dream, we like to think of ourselves as a passion-based business.  We share the best of ourselves and continually pour our entire heart into Untitled Artisan.  Working day and night doesn't bother us, for we have a very specific dream, and are determined to make it a reality.  Art projects are very important to our human experience and help make the world a more beautiful, exciting, interesting, and enjoyable place for everyone!

Pictured Above: Jon Adkins, original untitled artisan and his extremely fast daughter Alaina.

Untitled Artisan adopted the motto on the very first day of business that "Without you, there is no us".. because without YOU, yes YOU, the one reading this, we wouldn't be here.  It's a relationship of the utmost importance to us.  We owe everything our business is to the people that visit our site, read our blogs, buy our products, and share the message behind our brand. 

It has physiological effects on our health that is often overlooked.  It has INCREDIBLE mental benefits.  The act of getting caught in the "flow" of a 5D project has been scientifically proven to lower your heart rate, calm your brain waves, and improve your overall well being.  5D diamond painting can literally make every aspect of your life better!!  Can you blame us for aiming to introduce it to EVERYONE on the planet?!  It would be a happier, more calm, beautiful, place if we all had an art project.  Doesn't the shirt below say it all?

So, with a dream in mind, a cause that we believe in, and fire in our eyes we set out to change that one person at a time.  Finding accessible options that people of all ages and skill levels could use to get their hands into the joys of 5D painting.  Paintings that WE WANTED, because we knew in turn, that other people would love them as well.  

Thank you for taking the time to look into our brand.  We hope that you continue to be a member of our artisan family for a very long time to come.