Untitled Artisan brings 5D Diamond Paintings to the masses

Untitled Artisan brings 5D Diamond Paintings to the masses

For many people, crafts are a great way to pass the time while accomplishing something constructive and artistic at the same time.

5D Diamond Painting is one of these crafts. Think of mosaics and paint-by-numbers crafts and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what exactly a 5D Diamond Painting kit is. While they don’t use actual diamonds, 5D Diamond Painting kits include many tiny diamond-like gems that are combined to create sparkling patterns and designs once they are completed.


If you’re looking to get into Diamond Painting, there’s really no better place to look than Untitled Artisan at www.untitled-artisan.com.


The diamonds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common ones are square- and round-shaped. They are rhinestones that are manufactured using 3D printers and a glossy resin that is safe for the environment. There are other, special shapes that are used in some kinds of paintings, many of which are available at Untitled Artisan


When you pick up a 5D Diamond Kit from Untitled Artisan, you receive a numbered adhesive canvas, a diamond applicator tool, a wax pad used with the tool to pick up the diamonds, a pair of tweezers to be used in place of the applicator tool if you wish, a grooved organizing tray, and colored rhinestones. Other items are sometimes included as well, but this is the standard set of items that you can expect to find.



The sizes available at Untitled Artisan range from quite small to very large. The size of each painting affects the number of diamonds included, the painting’s detail, and the price of the painting you decide to purchase. Untitled Artisan recommends starting with a smaller size and then working your way up.


In terms of completion time, 5D Diamond Paintings take a lot of time. The time it takes to complete each painting can vary depending on the size and complexity of the painting you’re working on. In the end, however, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes to complete each painting. The entire point of these kinds of 3D paintings is to relax as much as you can and just enjoy it. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes along with finishing a 5D Diamond Painting, but it’s really the journey that you do it for.

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More details on Diamond Painting.


Founded by Jon Adkins and his daughter Alaina, Untitled Artisan sells 5D Diamond Paintings of many different kinds, and that’s yet another draw of the company. There’s such a wide variety of different subject matter found in each painting that it shouldn’t be hard to find something you love. Peruse the site at www.untitled-artisan.com to find the perfect 5D Diamond Painting for you, and you’ll find a new, relaxing hobby to enjoy on your own or with fellow 5D Diamond painters.

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