An Interview With Julalak Chutisiriyanont

An Interview With Julalak Chutisiriyanont

Julalak is an extremely talented 5D artist.  Her time-lapse videos are quickly becoming legendary and we're thrilled that she agreed to do an interview with us. 


We've been collaborators with Julalak for many months (her channel is our Youtube link!), and she's been an important part of Untitled Artisans growth for some time now.  Without further delay, we present you with this special interview. 



Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

Sawasdee (Hello in Thailand). My name is Julalak Chutisiriyanont. Nickname is Bow.
I am 34 years old.I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, I am a housewife.

My favorite hobbies are doing crafts (eg. Diamond Painting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Bead), reading books and cartoons, cooking, watching TV.

I am interested in all crafts, cooking. 

Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

I saw suggest fan page on facebook. I think it is interesting, then I search for diamond painting on Google and Youtube.  And ordered my first kits is Love Owl.  It is small size and partial drill.  When it finished, I love it and want to do more.

    Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

    I start the first video in November 2017. My inspiration is creating the video with my husband.  He makes a video about digital painting and his drawing on Youtube more than 10 years.  He told me you can do anything that you like and you will be happy. He helps me a lot and very supportive all my doing.
    He designed my picture profile on Youtube from my character.

    When I quit the job last year (3D animation) and find something to help with relieving stress.  After I got first Diamond Painting, I try to record video with my iPhone.  My husband helps me edit video. I love this video.  I think I should be sharing video to everyone as same as my husband does on his Channel Youtube. Thank you, my husband.

    Q:  How often do you post videos?

    I post a video on Youtube about 1-2 video per month.  It depends on whether I finish it fast or slow.  I plan will do more video per month about review unboxing kits or my Tips or etc.

    Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

    I did not expect anything. I think I share a video about my hobbies with everyone.  We can post anything that you love to do.  And feel happy just like me that I watch a video of another Youtuber.  Thank you, everyone, for watching my channel.

      Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

      I have 8 finished and 4 unboxing diamond painting. My next is Wolf and Girl from this website (Untitled Artisan).

      Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

      My biggest size is Peacock, full round drill 40 x 90 cm.


      Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

      My most preference is full square drill. And full round is beautiful too.

        Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

        Try to do the first diamond painting by choose picture from you like.
        Maybe a small size or partial drill. You will enjoy and want to do more.

          Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

          Yes. I member one group in Facebook.  They share pictures, Tips, shop.  I choose to buy some picture that I saw in this group.

          Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

          My another interesting is embroidery. I never do this before.  I want to try to do because I've done crochet and cross stitch.  I watched many embroidery videos. I think I can do it.  I like it as same as diamond painting.

            Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

            I think website Untitled Artisan is interesting. They have many picture and accessories of 5D diamond painting.  Finally, Thank you Mr. Jon Adkins for contacting me.

            You're welcome Julalak, it's been my pleasure.  You mean a lot to us here at Untitled Artisan, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.  You can check out her stunning channel by clicking any of the above pictures or HERE.

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