An Interview with Diamond Mama

An Interview with Diamond Mama

We stumbled upon Diamond Mama on our adventures through YouTube and we're happy we did!  She's an absolute joy and quite the prolific 5D artisan.  We requested an interview and she accepted.  Make sure to check out her up and coming YouTube channel for tips, tricks, advice, and all things 5D Diamonds.  


Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

"My name is Ashley Smith, Smith is my married name.  I am 29 years old as of February 7th of this year.  I live in a medium size town in Ohio.  My occupation is staying home with my one-year-old son and two dogs.

"My favorite hobbies are reading, drawing, paint by number, scrapbooking, all kinds of DIY, and of course my newest and most favorite hobby by far Diamond Painting."

"My family is wonderful, my husband is the best. He supports everything I do and is the reason why I got the courage to start my YouTube channel. We together have a beautiful one-and-a-half-year-old son."

"I like all kinds of music, anything I can understand and that doesn’t repeat themselves is fine by me."

"The first talents that cross my mind are that I can make a DIY project out of almost anything, and I have a great amount of patience." 

Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

"I first heard about Diamond painting in November 2017. I found my first painting online. A partial named Beautiful Girl." 

    Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

    "I have been making YouTube videos for only a short while. I started making them In January of 2018. Once I fell in love with Diamond Painting I wanted to show the world this hobby. I saw what Diamond Painting was doing for me and wanted to share it with everyone. While Diamond Painting I felt relaxed and stress-free, I felt a sense of excitement and accomplishment watching my picture come to life. YouTube was the only way I could think of to show the world this wonderful hobby, and talk about the wonderful things that a person could feel while doing them."

    Q:  How often do you post videos?

    "I post a video every weekend. On some weekends I will post two (2). If someone has an idea about a video, I will make the video and post it along with the product review video."

      Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

      "My ultimate dream for my YouTube channel is for as many people to watch my video and try Diamond Painting. I also want people to watch my videos and know the websites and stores that will do right by the customer and not just themselves."

        Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

        "All together I have twenty-three (23) Diamonds Paintings. Ten (10) that I have finished, I still have ten (10) that are started or still in the box waiting to be free and three (3) that are still on their way to me."

          Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

          "The biggest Diamond Painting that I have done is a 40x40cm, but I’m working on a 45x60cm and a 50x65cm. The smallest I have done is 25x25cm."

            Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

            "My favorite Diamond Paintings are the full square drills. I do like the circle drills and will definitely do them, same with partials. I love all Diamond Paintings, but the full square drills are by far my favorite." 

              Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

              "My tips for Diamond Painting are to be patient and work one section at a time. I found it better to keep the paper rather than cutting it off so that way your painting won’t get dirt or hair on it. I also found it to be easier to put all my diamonds in containers with a label of some kind on them. (I use a permanent marker and rubbing alcohol). A backlight is not something you need, but it is definitely something that will help you out a lot. (I don’t know how I did m paintings before I got my light) Also taping the edge of your paintings will help out too. I would always stick to the bottom and sides until I started using washi tape. It’s easy to stick on and it peels right off without bringing any diamonds (drills) with it."

                Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

                "Yes, I am apart of many 5D Facebook groups. I am apart of so many that it would take up the whole pages just to name them. I am in groups from the USA as well as groups from different counties."

                  Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

                  "After seeing all of the beautiful Diamond Paintings, I started to see a few paint by numbers. I always did paint by numbers as a kid, but as I became a teenager hanging out with friends became my new fun thing to do. Now that it is just my family and I the hobby of paint by number is coming back into life and I can’t wait to get started with them again. I am waiting on two (2) paint by numbers to come in the mail as I type this."

                    Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

                    "The website Untitled Artisan is amazing. I love all the Diamond Paintings, paint by numbers, and all the other stuff they have to offer. I love that you can get everything you need (and want) all from one website. My favorite part about Untitled Artisan is that everything got started all because of a single dream. Anyone can start a business, but to build a business because it’s your dream that says more to me than anything. The hard work, dedication, and passion it took to make his dream become a thriving business is amazing to me. I love the website and all that Untitled Artisan has to offer."

                    We're excited that Diamond Mama accepted our invitation to be featured in our spotlight.  We hope you check out her channel and show her some love!  Visit her Channel HERE or by clicking any of the pictures above.

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                    • Ashley Smith - April 01, 2018

                      Love this website. Can’t wait to get my diamond painting “The Middle Way” from Untitled Artisan. Love everything about this place.

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