An Interview With Cralopix

An Interview With Cralopix

Cralopix is a fantastic YouTuber and we're excited to have her in our blog spotlight this week.  She's an extremely crafty 5D artist that does a fantastic job of chronicling her projects, giving incredible tips/advice, and being a generally warm and inviting personality that is a joy to watch. We hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a true authority in 5D painting. 


Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

"I'm just a girl from Chicago living in Australia. When I'm not crafting, I'm developing games. I actually enjoy watching movies or listening to music whilst I do diamond painting."

Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

"I first saw diamond painting at a frame shop in a local shopping center. I was very curious and went in to ask about it. Fortunately, they had a demo and I had a chance to try diamond painting first hand. I was hooked from that moment." 

    Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

    "I started my channel about a year and a half ago. I just wanted to show people different crafts available and hopefully give some inspiration to those wanting to try something new.  It has since morphed into mostly diamond painting and has been one of my favorite crafts since."

    Q:  How often do you post videos?

     "I post every Monday!"

    Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

    "I would love for my channel to become the number 1 inspiration for others to pick up diamond painting, to learn new tips and tricks to complete them and to have a like-minded community to share the obsession with."


      Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

      I have completed 6 diamond paintings to date and working on #7, Alice In Wonderland:

        Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

        "It would have to be the peacock that I recently finished. It was 180 x 75cm. It was epic!"   See it here:

          Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

          "I definitely prefer full drill and square diamonds are currently topping my chart. Though I can't wait to try a painting with special sized diamonds.

            Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

            "Use resealable containers to store your WIP diamonds and having a rolling pin is great to press down the diamonds when you complete a section. Don't forget to take a break and stretch!"

              Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

              " I've created the Cralopix Show and Tell group. Members have been sharing progress pics, tips and wish lists. Everyone has been so warm, supportive and posted some really interesting pieces. Join us!"

              (Click the image above or this LINK to join the community!)

                Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

                " I really want to do more PixelHobby. I adore pixel art and that is another great medium for it."

                  Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

                  "I think it is a fabulous site. Very easy to get lost as you want to click on so many cool items! I'm eyeing a few diamond paintings from the site myself! Great job!"

                  We're humbled that Cralopix joined us on this interview.  We encourage you to visit her wonderful channel, join the facebook group and become part of her growing community of fans.  Her voice is as sweet as syrup and her content is some of the best around!

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