5D Painting - A Deeper Look Into Why It's So Fun!

5D Painting - A Deeper Look Into Why It's So Fun!


This 5D painting blog is a bit different than previous blogs. Here we will look at a collection of the insights and thoughts that I've had concerning this addictive and pleasurable hobby. More of a "personal blog" and I hope that you enjoy it.

Being a huge 5D fan, myself, I've had a lot of time to think while placing those tiny diamonds in their proper spots. It's my nature to turn things around in my head and try to stand outside of "myself" and see what is actually happening.

As I sift through diamonds, hunt for their proper spots, work on one small meticulous section at a time I wonder "What is it about this hobby that makes it SO fun?".

It's not just me!

Every day I talk to 10's of 100's of people that are absolutely excited, every day, to work on their 5D projects. I've shown it to people in everyday life, let them try it, and many are instantly hooked! Hours after a friend had left, I've received a text saying "I wish I had stayed there and kept working on the painting".


I hear stories of hands going numb, eyes going blurry, people changing around their entire dining room, and hours going by without realizing it from 5D painting. Most of us amass a stack of paintings while we work on ONE. We are anxiously awaiting our next project while still enjoying the current one we're working on. We're art collectors of sorts. I personally have a stack that is awaiting diamonds and videos made of each painting. It's a lot of work, but it's not work at all! Isn't that how you know you've found something you truly love? It's love when something is time-consuming and meticulous, difficult, yet you're still anxious to get started. It feels like you've found greatness.

Why? What is it exactly about this relatively new hobby that makes it so pleasurable, mind soothing, and exciting?

While working on my latest 5D Kit, I did my best to observe all the things that made me happy about it. The way the "snap" of the square diamond fitting into place satisfied me. The way that completing a section made me feel "progress". The way it "comes to life" as I make progress and start to see the shimming painting in it's finished form.

More than those things, though, there was a sense that I was doing a word search puzzle, a paint-by-numbers painting, a "where's Waldo" hunting game, an actual acrylic painting, and even a connect the dots puzzle at times.

When I'm hunting for a specific number/symbol, I notice it's like I'm finding all the objects in a hidden object style game. Looking for that specific color, blurring out all the others, until I've covered every last one. Realizing I've found every single one in that section is satisfying, and I'm immediately on to hunting down the next color! I've noticed myself repeating the numbers and shapes in my thoughts in an almost meditative, mantra-like fashion. Am I meditating while I 5D paint? I suppose I am!

Having experience in an array of art projects in the past, 5D was a natural choice for me. All the hours I've worked on my own art have adjusted me to enjoy the process of an involved art project. The patience needed (not everyone I've shown 5D paintings thought it looked fun!), the meticulous hand-eye coordination, enjoying the process as much as the finished product, are all part of the fun!

There is also an obsessive quality to the hobby as a whole. I notice literally craving 5D painting. Using the "excuse" of making YouTube videos for Untitled Artisan to do 5D paintings whenever I can, because it's something I can't wait to do! Not only do I want to do the paintings, but I want to collect them like baseball cards. Finding myself shopping for my next painting (or 5), deciding where I want to display them, how I want to frame them, and if I'm going to have enough wall space in the house to decorate! Have you ever worked on a painting for so long that when you went to bed, you still had symbols/numbers/diamonds inside of your eyelids? I have, many times. Waking up in the middle of the night, I've actually realized I was doing it in my dreams! Incredible.

The shared experience is a big part of it too. I want to show people my paintings and progress. In person, on forums, in Facebook groups, it just begs me to share it. Asking for tips, finding out the secrets, and connecting with the people that share my appreciation for this magical hobby. the connection it has brought to everyone involved is inspiring. I've heard such incredible, inspiring stories, and it's because I've found the community of fellow DIY artisans. If you haven't started a YouTube channel and you're a 5D painter, I strongly advise you give it a shot! It's fun, connects you with incredible people, and adds to that sense of accomplishment as you work on your painting. Untitled Arisan has met the majority of our best friends through YouTube, so we cannot say enough good things about connecting with real people that love the same Dotz paintings!

People in "everyday" life know me as the 5D painting guy because I share it constantly. Friends, family members, bank tellers, eye doctors, you name it! If you come over to visit my home, there is a 5D painting in progress, waiting for you to help. Often times with a camera set up to do time lapses, so that I can capture the fun. Everyone in my life knows it, and are becoming addicted as well. I've had people say "I just want to keep hanging out and working on this!", when they're late to be elsewhere. It's exciting, adorable, and magical to me.

5D painting is more than most people see at first glance. It's a combination of collecting, sharing, progressing, creating, meditating and connecting that make it pure magic. A magic that we are trying to share with the entire world. If you've read this far, you're a true artisan and I thank you.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it and let me know what you think of this style of blog. It's a bit different! Comment below with comments, suggestions, or critiques!

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Sending our love,
Jon (Mike)
Untitled Artisan

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  • Frances Hutson - May 25, 2018

    It’s comforting to know that there are others as addicted to this art form as I am; I feel bad that I’ve been neglecting my cross-stitching projects (Christmas stockings for all my grandkids) because I can’t seem to stop diamond painting. I’m getting quite a collection of kits to do, the same as you! Thanks for sharing.

  • Joan Lamm - May 25, 2018

    I truly know how you feel. I have gotten a typing table on wheeles that I am doing my diamond painting on. Swiped my hubby office chair and have the perfect set up for working, or should I say playing! I just forget about everything while I am doing this. Told you about my illness but did not tell you that my son was born handicapped. Oh that is ok he only thinks as a 6 or 7 year old would but while he was home for his birthday I sat him down with me after I saw your daughter working with you and let him help me with diamond painting. He actually sat there and thought about it an we talked about it. His hands shake bad but I don’t mind holding his hand to help him, and when he spilled the beads we just laughed and picked them up. I can never thank you enough for showing me that I now have a craft I can do with him. He is just a small boy in a big mans body but love is love. Thank you Jon, if you had not made that video I would. Never have thought of letting him help me also.

  • Allison - May 25, 2018

    This is great for beginners. Great job on this post

  • Dianna Markin - May 25, 2018

    I totally agree with everything you said. I just love working on mine and am anxiously awaiting mynext 2 coming. Thank you for such an enjoyable, fun hobby. I turn on my music and just work away in peace!

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