What Are 5D Diamond Painting Kits? - A Comprehensive Guide To All Things 5D

What Are 5D Diamond Painting Kits? - A Comprehensive Guide To All Things 5D

What Is 5D Diamond Painting?



Diamond painting is a calming hobby that has quickly become newest trending craft project.  It’s a relatively new art form based on a century-old practice of rhinestone/beaded paintings.  5D Diamond Painting utilizes technology to break down images into patterns, and it’s similar to cross stitching.  Small, shiny diamonds (beads/drills) are applied to a sticky canvas to create a work of art!

Rhinestones which are often called diamonds or drills are matched to a coded DMC color code and are 2.5mm in size. Multi-faceted and extremely shiny angles create an incredible sparkle when viewed from different angles.  The two major shapes are round and square, but there a variety of special shapes that are used to accent certain paintings.  The bottom side of each diamond is flat and made to be stuck to the canvas.  Diamonds (rhinestones) are either opaque with shiny surfaces (facets) or translucent (they’re called crystals, but not made of crystal) which allows light to shine through each diamond.  While the opaque variety is more popular, the translucent shimmer crystal-gem style paintings are gaining popularity!  Additionally, there are paintings that feature "special" gems that can be a wide range of shapes and sizes, often used to accent the painting.


Each kit comes with a variety of tools (depending on the company you purchase from).  These toolkits often contain a sorting tray, tweezers, a pen tool, baggies, and a wax pad (used for lightly holding the diamonds to the tool itself).  While some companies include most of the above-mentioned items, they vary,  The good news is that the tools last for a long time, so if you purchase a kit that doesn't include one of these items you’ll most likely already have some laying around from previous kits.  Most kits include a "diamond legend" sheet that lists the Shape/Color/Amount of drills.

It doesn’t stop there for tools!  There is a wide range of specialty tools that many artisans prefer.  An example of these specialty tools can be found HERE.  While not necessary, they can provide additional comfort, speed, and peace of mind.  

There are many types of 5D kits to choose from, but there are 3 major types.  Partial Drill, Full Drill, and Multi-paneled kits.


1. Partial Drill Kits - Diamonds covering only a partial portion of the painting.

Each canvas is printed using high definition printing techniques, but only some of them feature paintings with diamonds that cover the entire canvas.  Symbols are printed onto the painting indicating where to place the diamonds.  Often times it’s the “featured subject” that is highlighted as the background is left without diamonds allowing the HD printing to show through.

2. Full Drill Kits - Diamonds covering the entire painting.

These kits are printed with symbols on the entire canvas.  The adhesive covers the full image and it’s best to work in small sections as full drill paintings require a lot of time and patience to complete.  The end result of a full drill painting will often cause onlookers to fall in love with aesthetic and hobby in general.

3. Multi-Paneled Kits - Partial OR Full Drill Paintings that include more than one painting to complete the final piece.

These kits are much like the above mentioned but feature multiple panels that are used to create a larger picture.  This allows for creative decorating ideas, large passion projects, and hours of mind-calming fun.

The canvases themselves are made of a vast array of materials.

The diamond painting kits supplied by Untitled Artisan are each marked within their description.  Each painting is clearly labeled at the top as to the shape of the drill, the coverage area of the painting, and your choices of sizes. 

While the smaller sizes are cheaper, and more beginner friendly, you’ll likely want to choose a larger size for more detail.  Once you’ve done a larger size painting, you’ll have a very hard time going back to the smaller choices!

One of the true joys of diamond painting is that you produce beautiful artwork while nurturing your mind and body.  You’re creating a gorgeous work of art (oftentimes as a gift) that continues to calm, ease, and grow your mind as you progress.  Paint by diamonds is like a puzzle, coloring book, bedazzle, word search, and meditation session all rolled into one hobby!  


The benefits of this hobby are endless.  The friendships and relationships that are formed, the community of like-minded artisans, the love!  The calming ease that washes over your body about 10 minutes after you start that you don’t even realize hit you because you’re so absorbed in this wonderful hobby.

We’ve created a detailed “How-To” HERE that will guide you through the first moments of your 5D journey.  

If you have questions, you can ask our community HERE

Click HERE to shop our most popular selection of premium 5D diamond painting kits.

Untitled Artisan brings 5D Diamond Paintings to the masses

Untitled Artisan brings 5D Diamond Paintings to the masses

Bringing diamond painting to the masses. A fun relaxing hobby.

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5D Painting - A Deeper Look Into Why It's So Fun!

5D Painting - A Deeper Look Into Why It's So Fun!


This 5D painting blog is a bit different than previous blogs. Here we will look at a collection of the insights and thoughts that I've had concerning this addictive and pleasurable hobby. More of a "personal blog" and I hope that you enjoy it.

Being a huge 5D fan, myself, I've had a lot of time to think while placing those tiny diamonds in their proper spots. It's my nature to turn things around in my head and try to stand outside of "myself" and see what is actually happening.

As I sift through diamonds, hunt for their proper spots, work on one small meticulous section at a time I wonder "What is it about this hobby that makes it SO fun?".

It's not just me!

Every day I talk to 10's of 100's of people that are absolutely excited, every day, to work on their 5D projects. I've shown it to people in everyday life, let them try it, and many are instantly hooked! Hours after a friend had left, I've received a text saying "I wish I had stayed there and kept working on the painting".


I hear stories of hands going numb, eyes going blurry, people changing around their entire dining room, and hours going by without realizing it from 5D painting. Most of us amass a stack of paintings while we work on ONE. We are anxiously awaiting our next project while still enjoying the current one we're working on. We're art collectors of sorts. I personally have a stack that is awaiting diamonds and videos made of each painting. It's a lot of work, but it's not work at all! Isn't that how you know you've found something you truly love? It's love when something is time-consuming and meticulous, difficult, yet you're still anxious to get started. It feels like you've found greatness.

Why? What is it exactly about this relatively new hobby that makes it so pleasurable, mind soothing, and exciting?

While working on my latest 5D Kit, I did my best to observe all the things that made me happy about it. The way the "snap" of the square diamond fitting into place satisfied me. The way that completing a section made me feel "progress". The way it "comes to life" as I make progress and start to see the shimming painting in it's finished form.

More than those things, though, there was a sense that I was doing a word search puzzle, a paint-by-numbers painting, a "where's Waldo" hunting game, an actual acrylic painting, and even a connect the dots puzzle at times.

When I'm hunting for a specific number/symbol, I notice it's like I'm finding all the objects in a hidden object style game. Looking for that specific color, blurring out all the others, until I've covered every last one. Realizing I've found every single one in that section is satisfying, and I'm immediately on to hunting down the next color! I've noticed myself repeating the numbers and shapes in my thoughts in an almost meditative, mantra-like fashion. Am I meditating while I 5D paint? I suppose I am!

Having experience in an array of art projects in the past, 5D was a natural choice for me. All the hours I've worked on my own art have adjusted me to enjoy the process of an involved art project. The patience needed (not everyone I've shown 5D paintings thought it looked fun!), the meticulous hand-eye coordination, enjoying the process as much as the finished product, are all part of the fun!

There is also an obsessive quality to the hobby as a whole. I notice literally craving 5D painting. Using the "excuse" of making YouTube videos for Untitled Artisan to do 5D paintings whenever I can, because it's something I can't wait to do! Not only do I want to do the paintings, but I want to collect them like baseball cards. Finding myself shopping for my next painting (or 5), deciding where I want to display them, how I want to frame them, and if I'm going to have enough wall space in the house to decorate! Have you ever worked on a painting for so long that when you went to bed, you still had symbols/numbers/diamonds inside of your eyelids? I have, many times. Waking up in the middle of the night, I've actually realized I was doing it in my dreams! Incredible.

The shared experience is a big part of it too. I want to show people my paintings and progress. In person, on forums, in Facebook groups, it just begs me to share it. Asking for tips, finding out the secrets, and connecting with the people that share my appreciation for this magical hobby. the connection it has brought to everyone involved is inspiring. I've heard such incredible, inspiring stories, and it's because I've found the community of fellow DIY artisans. If you haven't started a YouTube channel and you're a 5D painter, I strongly advise you give it a shot! It's fun, connects you with incredible people, and adds to that sense of accomplishment as you work on your painting. Untitled Arisan has met the majority of our best friends through YouTube, so we cannot say enough good things about connecting with real people that love the same Dotz paintings!

People in "everyday" life know me as the 5D painting guy because I share it constantly. Friends, family members, bank tellers, eye doctors, you name it! If you come over to visit my home, there is a 5D painting in progress, waiting for you to help. Often times with a camera set up to do time lapses, so that I can capture the fun. Everyone in my life knows it, and are becoming addicted as well. I've had people say "I just want to keep hanging out and working on this!", when they're late to be elsewhere. It's exciting, adorable, and magical to me.

5D painting is more than most people see at first glance. It's a combination of collecting, sharing, progressing, creating, meditating and connecting that make it pure magic. A magic that we are trying to share with the entire world. If you've read this far, you're a true artisan and I thank you.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it and let me know what you think of this style of blog. It's a bit different! Comment below with comments, suggestions, or critiques!

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Sending our love,
Jon (Mike)
Untitled Artisan

An Interview With Julalak Chutisiriyanont

An Interview With Julalak Chutisiriyanont

Julalak is an extremely talented 5D artist.  Her time-lapse videos are quickly becoming legendary and we're thrilled that she agreed to do an interview with us. 


We've been collaborators with Julalak for many months (her channel is our Youtube link!), and she's been an important part of Untitled Artisans growth for some time now.  Without further delay, we present you with this special interview. 



Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

Sawasdee (Hello in Thailand). My name is Julalak Chutisiriyanont. Nickname is Bow.
I am 34 years old.I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Now, I am a housewife.

My favorite hobbies are doing crafts (eg. Diamond Painting, Crochet, Cross Stitch, Bead), reading books and cartoons, cooking, watching TV.

I am interested in all crafts, cooking. 

Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

I saw suggest fan page on facebook. I think it is interesting, then I search for diamond painting on Google and Youtube.  And ordered my first kits is Love Owl.  It is small size and partial drill.  When it finished, I love it and want to do more.

    Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

    I start the first video in November 2017. My inspiration is creating the video with my husband.  He makes a video about digital painting and his drawing on Youtube more than 10 years.  He told me you can do anything that you like and you will be happy. He helps me a lot and very supportive all my doing.
    He designed my picture profile on Youtube from my character.

    When I quit the job last year (3D animation) and find something to help with relieving stress.  After I got first Diamond Painting, I try to record video with my iPhone.  My husband helps me edit video. I love this video.  I think I should be sharing video to everyone as same as my husband does on his Channel Youtube. Thank you, my husband.

    Q:  How often do you post videos?

    I post a video on Youtube about 1-2 video per month.  It depends on whether I finish it fast or slow.  I plan will do more video per month about review unboxing kits or my Tips or etc.

    Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

    I did not expect anything. I think I share a video about my hobbies with everyone.  We can post anything that you love to do.  And feel happy just like me that I watch a video of another Youtuber.  Thank you, everyone, for watching my channel.

      Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

      I have 8 finished and 4 unboxing diamond painting. My next is Wolf and Girl from this website (Untitled Artisan).

      Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

      My biggest size is Peacock, full round drill 40 x 90 cm.


      Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

      My most preference is full square drill. And full round is beautiful too.

        Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

        Try to do the first diamond painting by choose picture from you like.
        Maybe a small size or partial drill. You will enjoy and want to do more.

          Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

          Yes. I member one group in Facebook.  They share pictures, Tips, shop.  I choose to buy some picture that I saw in this group.

          Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

          My another interesting is embroidery. I never do this before.  I want to try to do because I've done crochet and cross stitch.  I watched many embroidery videos. I think I can do it.  I like it as same as diamond painting.

            Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

            I think website Untitled Artisan is interesting. They have many picture and accessories of 5D diamond painting.  Finally, Thank you Mr. Jon Adkins for contacting me.

            You're welcome Julalak, it's been my pleasure.  You mean a lot to us here at Untitled Artisan, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.  You can check out her stunning channel by clicking any of the above pictures or HERE.

            An Interview With Cralopix

            An Interview With Cralopix

            Cralopix is a fantastic YouTuber and we're excited to have her in our blog spotlight this week.  She's an extremely crafty 5D artist that does a fantastic job of chronicling her projects, giving incredible tips/advice, and being a generally warm and inviting personality that is a joy to watch. We hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a true authority in 5D painting. 


            Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

            "I'm just a girl from Chicago living in Australia. When I'm not crafting, I'm developing games. I actually enjoy watching movies or listening to music whilst I do diamond painting."

            Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

            "I first saw diamond painting at a frame shop in a local shopping center. I was very curious and went in to ask about it. Fortunately, they had a demo and I had a chance to try diamond painting first hand. I was hooked from that moment." 

              Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

              "I started my channel about a year and a half ago. I just wanted to show people different crafts available and hopefully give some inspiration to those wanting to try something new.  It has since morphed into mostly diamond painting and has been one of my favorite crafts since."

              Q:  How often do you post videos?

               "I post every Monday!"

              Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

              "I would love for my channel to become the number 1 inspiration for others to pick up diamond painting, to learn new tips and tricks to complete them and to have a like-minded community to share the obsession with."


                Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

                I have completed 6 diamond paintings to date and working on #7, Alice In Wonderland:

                  Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

                  "It would have to be the peacock that I recently finished. It was 180 x 75cm. It was epic!"   See it here:

                    Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

                    "I definitely prefer full drill and square diamonds are currently topping my chart. Though I can't wait to try a painting with special sized diamonds.

                      Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

                      "Use resealable containers to store your WIP diamonds and having a rolling pin is great to press down the diamonds when you complete a section. Don't forget to take a break and stretch!"

                        Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

                        " I've created the Cralopix Show and Tell group. Members have been sharing progress pics, tips and wish lists. Everyone has been so warm, supportive and posted some really interesting pieces. Join us!"

                        (Click the image above or this LINK to join the community!)

                          Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

                          " I really want to do more PixelHobby. I adore pixel art and that is another great medium for it."

                            Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

                            "I think it is a fabulous site. Very easy to get lost as you want to click on so many cool items! I'm eyeing a few diamond paintings from the site myself! Great job!"

                            We're humbled that Cralopix joined us on this interview.  We encourage you to visit her wonderful channel, join the facebook group and become part of her growing community of fans.  Her voice is as sweet as syrup and her content is some of the best around!

                            An Interview with Diamond Mama

                            An Interview with Diamond Mama

                            We stumbled upon Diamond Mama on our adventures through YouTube and we're happy we did!  She's an absolute joy and quite the prolific 5D artisan.  We requested an interview and she accepted.  Make sure to check out her up and coming YouTube channel for tips, tricks, advice, and all things 5D Diamonds.  


                            Q:  Tell us a little about yourself.  How old are you?  Where do you live?  What are you interested in?  Any other talents we should know about?

                            "My name is Ashley Smith, Smith is my married name.  I am 29 years old as of February 7th of this year.  I live in a medium size town in Ohio.  My occupation is staying home with my one-year-old son and two dogs.

                            "My favorite hobbies are reading, drawing, paint by number, scrapbooking, all kinds of DIY, and of course my newest and most favorite hobby by far Diamond Painting."

                            "My family is wonderful, my husband is the best. He supports everything I do and is the reason why I got the courage to start my YouTube channel. We together have a beautiful one-and-a-half-year-old son."

                            "I like all kinds of music, anything I can understand and that doesn’t repeat themselves is fine by me."

                            "The first talents that cross my mind are that I can make a DIY project out of almost anything, and I have a great amount of patience." 

                            Q:  How did you first hear about 5D Diamond painting?

                            "I first heard about Diamond painting in November 2017. I found my first painting online. A partial named Beautiful Girl." 

                              Q:  How long have you been creating YouTube videos?  What inspired you to start?

                              "I have been making YouTube videos for only a short while. I started making them In January of 2018. Once I fell in love with Diamond Painting I wanted to show the world this hobby. I saw what Diamond Painting was doing for me and wanted to share it with everyone. While Diamond Painting I felt relaxed and stress-free, I felt a sense of excitement and accomplishment watching my picture come to life. YouTube was the only way I could think of to show the world this wonderful hobby, and talk about the wonderful things that a person could feel while doing them."

                              Q:  How often do you post videos?

                              "I post a video every weekend. On some weekends I will post two (2). If someone has an idea about a video, I will make the video and post it along with the product review video."

                                Q:  What are your ultimate dreams for your YouTube channel?

                                "My ultimate dream for my YouTube channel is for as many people to watch my video and try Diamond Painting. I also want people to watch my videos and know the websites and stores that will do right by the customer and not just themselves."

                                  Q:  How many Diamond Paintings have you finished? 

                                  "All together I have twenty-three (23) Diamonds Paintings. Ten (10) that I have finished, I still have ten (10) that are started or still in the box waiting to be free and three (3) that are still on their way to me."

                                    Q:  What's the biggest sized painting you've finished?

                                    "The biggest Diamond Painting that I have done is a 40x40cm, but I’m working on a 45x60cm and a 50x65cm. The smallest I have done is 25x25cm."

                                      Q:  Your preference - Partial Drill or Full Drill?  Square Diamonds or Round Diamonds? 

                                      "My favorite Diamond Paintings are the full square drills. I do like the circle drills and will definitely do them, same with partials. I love all Diamond Paintings, but the full square drills are by far my favorite." 

                                        Q:  What is one (or more) pro tips you have for beginning 5D painters?

                                        "My tips for Diamond Painting are to be patient and work one section at a time. I found it better to keep the paper rather than cutting it off so that way your painting won’t get dirt or hair on it. I also found it to be easier to put all my diamonds in containers with a label of some kind on them. (I use a permanent marker and rubbing alcohol). A backlight is not something you need, but it is definitely something that will help you out a lot. (I don’t know how I did m paintings before I got my light) Also taping the edge of your paintings will help out too. I would always stick to the bottom and sides until I started using washi tape. It’s easy to stick on and it peels right off without bringing any diamonds (drills) with it."

                                          Q:  Are you a member of any 5D Facebook groups?  If so, which?

                                          "Yes, I am apart of many 5D Facebook groups. I am apart of so many that it would take up the whole pages just to name them. I am in groups from the USA as well as groups from different counties."

                                            Q:  What is another exciting hobby (or few)  that you're most interested in trying or retrying?  Why?

                                            "After seeing all of the beautiful Diamond Paintings, I started to see a few paint by numbers. I always did paint by numbers as a kid, but as I became a teenager hanging out with friends became my new fun thing to do. Now that it is just my family and I the hobby of paint by number is coming back into life and I can’t wait to get started with them again. I am waiting on two (2) paint by numbers to come in the mail as I type this."

                                              Q:  What do you think of Untitled Artisan?

                                              "The website Untitled Artisan is amazing. I love all the Diamond Paintings, paint by numbers, and all the other stuff they have to offer. I love that you can get everything you need (and want) all from one website. My favorite part about Untitled Artisan is that everything got started all because of a single dream. Anyone can start a business, but to build a business because it’s your dream that says more to me than anything. The hard work, dedication, and passion it took to make his dream become a thriving business is amazing to me. I love the website and all that Untitled Artisan has to offer."

                                              We're excited that Diamond Mama accepted our invitation to be featured in our spotlight.  We hope you check out her channel and show her some love!  Visit her Channel HERE or by clicking any of the pictures above.

                                              Our 5D Diamond Walkthrough

                                              Our 5D Diamond Walkthrough

                                              This is our walkthrough of how to begin on your 5D Diamond painting adventure.  It's a fairly simple hobby, but it helps to have some advice to start.  Take time, read through the steps, and get an overview of the entire process!


                                              Step 1.  Purchase your kit

                                              Most kits will contain the following: a pre-printed canvas, flat-backed diamonds, a tray, a pen-like tool, and a packet of gel or wax. 

                                              Kit's typically feature either square or round diamond shapes.  A painting labeled "full drill" is an entire covered canvas of diamonds, "half drill" indicates that there are segments of the painting without diamonds.  

                                              Review your chart and legend thoroughly before beginning. The packages of diamonds are labeled with the color name or number, but it might help to also label the bag with the symbol used for that color. This will help you quickly identify the correct color as you work.


                                              Step 2.  Understand how to read the canvas 

                                              The canvas is composed of tiny boxes that are colored and labeled with numbers, much like a cross-stitch canvas. Each number corresponds to a diamond color.

                                              The numbers are written on a chart, with the corresponding bag and diamond color written below or next to it. The chart is typically printed on the side of the canvas.  In this picture, the bag number is 15 - The color number is 720 - and the chart says 720 is an orange O!  

                                              • Some squares may contain a letter or symbol instead; treat this as a number.


                                              Step 3.  Unroll the canvas and tape it down to a flat surface

                                              If the canvas won't lay flat, roll it back the other way, then unroll it. Spread it down onto a flat surface, then secure the edges with masking tape.  

                                              • This project can be time-consuming. Consider taping the canvas to a board, which you can move out of the way easily.  We like to use canvas board sold at most arts and crafts stores.


                                              Step 4.  Peel back part of the plastic covering on the canvas

                                              Do not peel all of the plastic away; 1 to 2 inches(2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) will be plenty. Run your fingernail along the plastic to crease it so that it doesn't roll forwards.

                                              • Some kits come with pre-cut plastic strips. In this case, simply peel the first strip off.


                                              Step 5. Pour out your first crystal color into the tray. 

                                              Take a look at the patch of canvas you just exposed. Choose a box to start with, and note the number in it. Look the number up on the chart, then find the bag with the same number. Open up the bag, and pour out some of the crystals onto the tray that came with your kit.

                                              • Some kits come with multiple trays. You can use the other trays for the other colors in that section.



                                              -Applying the diamonds-

                                              Step 1. Dip your pen tool into the gel or wax that came with your kit. 

                                              Open up the packet of gel that came with your kit. Dip the narrow end of the pen into the gel/wax to pick some up. This will make it possible for the pen to pick up the crystals.

                                              • Some kits come with a special wax pencil that you have to sharpen instead. In this case, sharpen the pencil using a pencil sharpener.
                                              • Some pens will have a wide end too, which you can use to pick up to three crystals at one time.


                                              Step 2. Use the pen to pick up a crystal. 

                                              Gently press the tip of the pen against the top, faceted part of the crystal. Lift the pen away from the tray; the crystal should be stuck to it.

                                              • Keep the tray just below the edge of your canvas; this will make it easier to access.


                                              Step 3. Gently press the crystal against the corresponding square. 

                                              Pull the pen away; the crystal should be stick against the canvas. If you are just starting out, it might be a good idea to press lightly at first. This way, if the crystal is off-set, you can nudge it back into place, then press down on it to secure it.

                                              • This is exactly like painting by number, except that you are using crystals instead.


                                              Step 4. Fill the rest of the squares in that section. 

                                              Work one color at a time and refill the pen with gel as needed. When you finish filling in all the squares with the same number code, move onto the next color. This will help you work faster and stay organized.

                                              • Avoid resting your hand on the canvas; the more you touch the sticky surface, the less tacky it will become.


                                              Step 5.  Peel away more of the plastic covering, and fill in more squares. 

                                              Continue filling the canvas in using the same technique as before. Work in 1 to 2-inch (2.54 to 5.08-centimeter) wide sections, one color at a time. When you completely fill in a section, move onto the next one.

                                              • Do not peel the entire plastic covering away, or the adhesive on the canvas will get dirty and lose its tack.



                                               -Finishing your work-

                                              Step 1. Cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that it came with. 

                                              If you discarded the sheet, you can cover it with a piece of paper or parchment paper; avoid using wax paper.

                                              Step 2. Go over the canvas with a rolling pin. 

                                              This will press down any loose diamonds and secure them. If you don't have a rolling pin, you can use a can or jar instead. You can also gently rub the canvas with your hands instead.

                                              Step 3. Stack some heavy books on top of the canvas overnight. 

                                              This will help further adhere the diamonds to the canvas and ensure that they bond properly. If you don't have any books large enough to cover the canvas, you can use another flat, heavy object, such as a box or cutting board.

                                              Step 4. Peel the tape away. 

                                              Lift the books off first, then peel the plastic covering off. Peel the tape from the corners of the canvas. Do not trim the excess canvas way, as this may cause the fabric to fray.

                                              Step 5. Frame the canvas. 

                                              Remove the glass from the frame first, then insert the canvas into the frame. Fold the excess edges down, then place the backing into place. Leave the glass out, as it will only dull down the diamonds' sparkle.

                                              • For a fancier touch, place the canvas behind a mat first; this will give the canvas an additional border within the frame. Choose a color that complements the diamonds.

                                              Uncommon Art Mediums

                                              Uncommon Art Mediums

                                              Art mediums come and go with time. What's popular today may not be tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the art mediums that aren’t so well known, or at least not seen in mainstream art.

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                                              Common mistakes made by artists and how to avoid them

                                              Common mistakes made by artists and how to avoid them

                                              Art is a hobby
                                              It is also a career
                                              both are beautiful.

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                                              Six Proven Ways Creating Art Will Improve Your Life!

                                              Six Proven Ways Creating Art Will Improve Your Life!


                                              It seems too simple!  Doing art can improve my health?  That's it?  Just do an art? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY.  

                                              Science has been working hard to explain nearly everything on the planet and art is no exception.  There numerous studies now showing that having a visual arts (Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Photography, Textiles) practice will help SUPERCHARGE your health and mental well-being. 

                                              Below, we've compiled a list of important benefits that are often overlooked!  For centuries we've known the benefits and science currently proving that art can: 

                                              • Reduce chances of depression.
                                              • Improved mood sense of accomplishment.
                                              • Reduce stress and anxiety
                                              • Is a form of meditation and can induce "flow" states.
                                              • Allows people to see the world through your eyes.
                                              • Help improve engagement with the world.
                                              • Improve your immune system and blood pressure. 



                                              Art by numbers tutorials 

                                              Art is an anti-depressant!!

                                              Visual art hobbies reduce chances of depression, improve your mood, and boost your sense of accomplishment. Painting, Drawing, and other visual arts can all help to reduce your depression!! 

                                              This may challenge the cliché of the depressed artist, but science has shown that it reduces your chances of becoming depressed.  When you're engaged in some form of art, your working with a different part of your brain.  Sure, the logic is still there.  You have to examine your art critically in order to improve, but your right brain is also highly engaged!!  You're working on the creative side of your brain and the logic is a bit more on "standby". 

                                              This can work wonders for the overthinking depressed mind.  As you practice and you notice the improvement, your mind is automatically rewarded with the knowledge that you've expanded a skill.  When your skill level has increased, followed by that warm feeling of accomplishment, you just FEEL good.  It can make your day feel so magical to "impress" yourself with your Art and then to share it with the people you love.




                                              Art can relieve/reduce stress and anxiety!

                                              Stress and Anxiety are misery makers and can even be silent killers.  That may seem like a bold statement, but in reality, it's a real problem with MOST of the people you see in everyday life.  Stress is a leading factor in health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, and depression.  Anxiety alone can eat a person alive with a list of fears, regrets, social problems, and more.  Studies have shown (American Journal of Public Health, 2010) that art has the ability to calm the stress of cancer patients and help relieve the anxiety associated with facing mortality.   If it can help people in such a serious and challenging spot in life, imagine what it could do for you!!  Integrate art into your life to enjoy the benefits of having a symbolic outlet for your feelings.




                                              Art calm meditative love

                                              It's "meditative" and can lead to "flow states"

                                              While it may be a bit "woo woo", there is a meditative effect that art has when you allow yourself to be absorbed in a project/practice.  In his book "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience", Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains a state that most artists are very familiar with.  It's a difficult experience to explain to someone and it took him an entire book to describe it.  To sum it up, it's a state you enter when you’re completely engrossed in a focused task.  Time doesn't pass in the same way (as a matter of fact, you forget about time!), your surroundings blur and a "hyperfocus" state of mind are entered almost unknowingly.  It's a surreal moment that MOST people have experience while doing some sort of project.  Art is a terrific way to trigger that flow state on command and unburden your mind.  Check out the Wikipedia page on flow here to learn more about this incredible phenomenon.




                                              Art Observe Paint Numbers

                                              It helps you engage with the world!

                                              Someone who has studied art extensively will tell you that they had to learn to "see" things the way they really are!  That's strange to think about for most people that haven't focused on improving their art, but it's taught in Art 101.  Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards, is required reading for anyone seeking to improve their art.  The premise of the book is to teach you to see things the way they actually are!!  Our mind does an incredible job of symbolizing things.  It's one of the things the computer we call our brains does best!!  It actually does it a little too well.  We create symbols for everything and are most often not even aware of it. 

                                              Most people that haven't studied art would likely try to do a self-portrait and notice that everything they drew was flat. And a "symbol" of what they think an eye is.  They didn't draw what they literally saw, they drew what their mind told them an eye looks like!!  It's mind-boggling to think about, but our mind literally "tricks" us at all times of the day.  When you study art, though, it begins to change the way you look at the entire world.  You notice the contrast between lights and shadows more, you see eyes, noses, in all their unique details.  You notice that the shadows actually have color and are never black.  Things that seemed mundane radiate life when you sit down, focus on it for an hour and draw a still life of it. 

                                              Things become more interesting and you find so much more beauty in things all throughout the day! 




                                              Art reflection number painting

                                              It allows you to share the world the way YOU see it!

                                              Art is a way to let people see through the lens of your spirit.   People LOVE to view the world through different eyes.  To see a different perspective, if only for a moment.  Movies, Video Games, Graphic Arts, are ALL popular for this very reason!  Whether it be an epic painting, a quick sketch, or chalk on the sidewalk, it allows you to express yourself in a truly unique way.  Art empowers you to show people what you're seeing.  Think about how it "feels" to see through Monet's cataract eyes or Van Gouge's frightening psyche.  Sharing the way you see things can have tremendous benefits for not only you but the people you share it with and humanity as a whole.




                                              DYI heartbeat Art Paint

                                              It can reduce your blood pressure and boost your immune system!

                                              For many of the reasons listed above, art can even reduce hypertension and help protect your body from sickness.  The mentally calming effect art has will reduce the anxiety/stress in your system. Both of which also affect blood pressure and immune health.  Take a moment, put something "out" instead of taking things "in" and it will infuse you with vitality.  In an American Journal of Public Health review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health (Link here) it was stated that "There are clear indications that artistic engagement has significantly positive effects on health".  

                                              The list goes on!  Science is studying it, but it's been common knowledge for centuries.  Art is a positive way to express yourself, create, and spread joy.  All of which are essential to the human experience.  It's the foundation of our cause and what inspired our want to bring beginner level art projects to the masses.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single footstep and we hope to be that first footstep.